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Cornelius Dyson

CORNELIus dyson

For almost 20 years, Cornelius Dyson suffered from a terrible, terrible, terrible heroin addiction which was led on by the mental an physical abuse he suffered as a child. Now, he strives to use his comedic and entertainment abilities to create happiness and steal the hearts of millions.  

Mansa obi

After surviving a Thirty-Five foot fall with his close friend August 16th, 2016. Mansa Obi has emerged from the ashes to finish his life's work. Known for his creation of Authentic Bounce (not to be confused with "Classic" Bounce) seductive melodies, blunt--commentary and creation of the bass-less genre. 

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nu bracket production

Born in Memphis, TN, he has been perfecting his craft after the likes of Pastor Troy, Three 6 Mafia, and Timbaland. Nu Bracket mixes, engineers, and composes. Combining all genres while creating new ones using hip-hop, Nu Bracket produces sound perfection for any artist he works with.

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