Meet Cornelius Dyson!(Comedian)


Whatsup’ Buddy!
— Cornelius Dyson

From New Orleans, LA, Cornelius Dyson is a comedian and singer/songwriter who continues to create a bigger buzz in the entertainment industry. Cornelius found that music and laughter brought him joy through the pain of depression.

For almost 20 years, Cornelius Dyson suffered from a terrible, terrible, terrible heroin addiction which was led on by the mental an physical abuse he suffered as a child. His addiction led him to stealing, and ultimately homelessness. After learning how to write jokes at the library during the day, Cornelius started his comedy career to support his habit. He would perform for his junky friends as they proceeded to get high, then steal their drugs as they were busy laughing. Now, he strives to use his comedic and entertainment abilities to create happiness and steal the hearts of millions.  

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